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The Big Purple Dino Is Dead!

A group of young teens are being questioned in the rape and murder of Barney. The dinosaur who's sold over $250 trillion in video sales just last week.

Late, last night he was found strewn across the bathroom floor of Kelsey's Restaurant and Bar in Gotham, where he had been drinking all night says bartender, Kevin O'Malley. "He was in a bad mood. I just kept serving him despite how suicidal he's been in the past." O'Malley, who has owned Kelsey's for eleven years also said, "...for a dinosaur, he drank like a fish."

Barney, had told O'Malley that he been chased all day long by a group of kids who call themselves, K.A.B. (Kids Against Barney). They have done this before and it was only a matter of time before they got to him. And got him, they did. Kids and lazy parents all over, are devastated over the news.

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