The best Black Friday ads so far

By Julie Ramhold/DealNews

Sorting through each and every Black Friday ad can feel overwhelming. That's why DealNews has rounded up the best Black Friday offers so far, to help you put together your shopping list for the big day. 

We'll be updating this list often as more ads continue to roll in. Be sure to check back often!

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  • NEW! 49" 4K LED TV for $159.99 at Amazon
    We predicted 4K sets of this size to have a doorbuster price of around $210, but this deal beats those expectations by a full $50. It's even cheaper than our prediction for 49" 1080p sets, which we expected to hit $179. However, this deal is so great that it's likely to go super fast.
  • NEW! 32" 720p TV for $69.99 at Amazon
    This deal matches our predictions perfectly, and while it's a no-frills set, that price tag is undeniably great. Because it's so low though, odds are this is one of those deals that will be hard to actually score. If you're interested, be ready to jump on it as soon as these deals go live.
  • NEW! Amazon Echo Dot Speaker for $29.99 at Amazon
    If you're new to the home assistant category, then this deal makes it super affordable to start using Alexa. It beats our predictions by $10, and it's the best price ever for the Dot.
  • NEW! iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi Tablet for $274.99 at Best Buy
    Best Buy unveiled this deal earlier this week, but it's set to return if you missed it. This iPad mini 4 is well-equipped with 128GB of storage, and it's the lowest price we've seen by $25. It also blows our prediction for this model out of the water.
  • NEW! Amazon Echo Plus Speaker with Philips Hue Bulb for $119.99 at Amazon
    Amazon's brand new, top-of-the-line home automation hub was just released at the end of October, so this Black Friday deal will be the first discount we've seen. At only $120 after the $30 discount, the price is hard to beat. Plus, it comes with a Philips Hue Bulb, which typically costs at least $15.
  • NEW! Amazon Fire HD 8 16GB 8" Tablet for $49.99 at Amazon
    Amazon added Alexa to its Fire tablets while keeping the prices low. This is the first deal we've seen on the new Fire HD 8, and it matches our predicted price. At only $50, it's a strong price for a tablet of this caliber.
  • NEW! Apple Watch Series 1 for $179.99 at Target
    Matching our predictions exactly, Target offers a price that we've only seen reserved for refurbs of this model. While it's a bit older, Apple definitely made improvements to the Series 1, so it's a great buy for anyone looking for a smartwatch.
  • NEW! Amazon Music Unlimited 3-Month Subscription for 99 cents at Amazon
    This is a great offer, but it's only eligible for non-Prime members, as well as those Prime members who have yet to try Amazon Music Unlimited. Still, that's a savings of up to $27.

  • Sharp 50" 4K Roku Smart TV for $179.99 at Best Buy 
    We predicted that we'd see 50" 4K doorbusters for $210, so we certainly didn't expect to see TVs of this size to come in below $200 — and with Smart TV capabilities no less! We saw this 50" Sharp (model no. LC-50LBU591U) just last month for $350, so this is nearly half off. The only caveat to this deal is that it's only available in-store. Get to your local Best Buy early if you want it.
  • Samsung 55" 4K HDR Smart TV + $150 Kohl's Cash for $499.99 at Kohl's
    At a net price of only $350 when you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this 55" Samsung set is well below our predicted price of $500 for name-brand 4K TVs. That's even more remarkable when you consider it's a set with HDR and Smart TV capabilities. Moreover, that net price is half of what most stores normally charge for this model (UN55MU6290). In short, if you know you'll spend the Kohl's Cash, this one is a must-have.
  • Dell Celeron 2.48GHz 14" Laptop for $129.99 at Dell Home
    Dell will be dropping the price on this bargain machine by $100 for Black Friday. For your $130, you'll get only 2GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD, so this is best suited to shoppers who primarily use their computers to read email, access social media, and other light tasks.
  • Apple iPhone Purchase + $300 Walmart Gift Card with select plans at Walmart
    The fact that this offer applies to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus makes it more appealing than Target's similar promo. But what makes it notable is that this also applies to the iPhone X, and is the only Black Friday offer we've seen so far for the iPhone X. (It also applies to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus if you aren't into the latest tech.)
  • Amazon Echo for $79.99 at Target
    This is Amazon's newest Echo, which already had a price drop over the first-generation version. It only started shipping on October 31, so to be taking an additional $20 off already makes this home assistant even better.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note 8 + $300 Target Gift Card with select plans at Target
    If you lean more towards the Android side of the aisle, this is a great way to snag the latest Samsung phones — as long as you don't mind heading into the store. You must buy and activate the device on a Verizon Device Payment, AT&T Next, or Sprint 24-month installment or lease plan.
    Walmart is also offering a free $300 Walmart Gift Card with Samsung device purchase and qualifying activation.
  • PlayStation VR Headset for PS4 for $199.99 at Target
    This offer doesn't really match or beat our predictions because we focused on bundles. However, it's still the lowest price outright we've seen for the headset alone by about $25. Note: You'll still need the camera to use PS VR; this is merely an extra headset for your setup.