The Arrival of Electronic Books

The Rocket eBook is an electronic device, about the size of a paperback, that lets you purchase books or newspapers online and read them wherever you go. It can store about four thousand pages or ten novels. Company CEO Martin Eberhard...

"Here's how it works. You buy the book at an online bookstore, for example,, just exactly the same way you'd buy a paper book. The only difference is that when you push the buy button, since you select the electronic version, it delivers it over the Internet. And in about a minute or two later you've got that book in your librarian program we provide on your PC. Your librarian holds all the books you own. You can own thousands of books and there they are. Whenever you want to, you put the Rocket Book in its little docking station and select books from your library and send them over to the Rocket Book. It takes thirty or forty seconds to move a book over from a PC to the Rocket Book."

The price of the books should be about the same or a little cheaper. The backlight on the Rocket eBook means you can read in bed and you can adjust the size of the print. It sells for about five hundred dollars. You can find more information at