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The 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll

Feb. 28, 2010 Edition: Check Out The Results And Weigh In!

As the country continues to get pelted by weather events and suffers from the normal post partum Super Bowl let down (over 100 million viewers), it is up to the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll to brighten up your mid-winter doldrums with some timely questions of interest. We start with the usual suspects, the economy, the presidency, and Supreme Court decisions. Then we ask about potential Internet worries, celebrities caught doing bad things, geography, and finally the state of television shows and what people miss most about childhood. No matter your age, this month's poll has something for everyone.

Fifty two percent say it's the economy, stupid! (Note to Mr. James Carville: you should have trademarked that phrase.) It has been said that all human action is born of self interest, and people's economic lives correlate directly to their standard of living. Still, 20 percent say that healthcare reform should be the top priority, and although they may be correct due to its potentially deleterious future effect on our economy, can Congress afford to keep chasing that dream while jobs are still as scarce as hen's teeth?