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The 10 Weirdest Drug Stories of the Month

Tiger Woods and "crazy Ambien sex"! Tila Tequila engaged to J&J heiress! And a Pfizer M&A deal that made Exubera look smart! It all happened in December 2009 ...
  1. Tila Tequila is engaged to Johnson & Johnson heiress and alleged underwear thief Casey Johnson You cannot make this stuff up.
  2. Obesity may wipe out benefit of anti-smoking effort, study says The last 30 years of public health policy were a waste of time, it turns out. "We found that in a horse race between obesity and smoking, obesity won, in a bad way," said Susan Stewart, an author of the study.
  3. Sugababes support GlaxoSmithKline Campaign for Cervarix British all-girl band joins sponsored fight against cancer.
  4. Laid-off drug company officer manager earned only $17.5K Not everyone in pharma earns the big bucks. Theone Ferron was featured as one of The New York Times' "Neediest Cases."
  5. How Pfizer turned $1.3B into $10M Esperion acquisition made Exubera look good!
  6. Teva seeks kosher designation for its pills Get the whole megillah right here.
  7. Brittany Murphy had entire pharmacy stocked at home The late actress was popping pills Anna Nicole Smith-style.
  8. Ex-drug rep wins UK Survivor Natalie White survived all the backstabbing and mind games. And then she left the pharma biz and went to reality TV.
  9. Tiger Woods likes "crazy Ambien sex" In other news: Who knew there was such a thing as Ambien sex?
  10. Genzyme does something right! Troubled drug company grows new skin for infected baby's head. Bravo!
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