Tens of Thousands Cram into Tent Cities

They come here because their homes aren't secure and often the streets aren't safe. Tens of thousands in tent cities that provide shade, shelter, and a sense of togetherness when it is so easy to feel emptiness. An estimated 3 million Haitians are injured or homeless, or both.

Marline St. Marline is in one of these makeshift communities, reports CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor. With her leg injured, she can't walk but she's still responsible for her three girls, ages 9, 5 and 4.

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She told CBS News that right now she thinks her children will die.They haven't eaten since the earthquake. They have survived until now on nothing.

"A lot of people don't fully understand what's happened here," Glor said. "If you want someone who's watching to understand what's fully going on in Haiti, what would you tell them?"

St. Marline said she would tell them to help now.

When CBS News asked her how this ends, she said "when God arrives." Right now, she's waiting - all of them are, for assistance in any way possible.

Conditions unsanitary and it's very difficult to watch. But are there any plans to set up safe shelters?

Right now the Haitian government says they're working in conjunction with the U.S. government to fulfill all needs, including housing, but right now there no official word on official housing complexes.