Teacher's Pet

We expect that teachers, whose job is to nurture and guide children, will always have the best interests of their charges at heart. But sometimes teachers go astray: Sexual contact between teachers and students has increasingly become an issue.

These relationships are disturbing, not least because they are sometimes complex. Tonight, in "Teacher's Pet," 48 Hours reports on several such cases, examining the difficult questions these cases raise about responsibility and coercion.

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Rape, Or True Love? In 1997, Mary Kay LeTourneau, 36, shocked her community by having an affair with a sixth-grade student and becoming pregnant with his child. She pleaded guilty to rape. Correspondent Harold Dow follows this unusual case.

Facing A Frightening Past: More than two decades ago, Donna Covello, then an impressionable teen-ager, was sexually abused by her school guidance counselor. Anchor Dan Rather reports on what happened when she went back to confront him.

Private Lessons: Five years ago, when Sarah Paige was 14, she began a sexual relationship with her former seventh-grade teacher, Bruce Usher, that continued until she began high school. Three and a half years later, after a crisis, she told her parents.

Usher, who claimed that he had loved Sarah, was charged with felonious sexual assault. The district attorney argued that he had used his authority to force Sarah into having sex with him. After a tense trial, that included SarahÂ's testimony for the prosecution, Usher was convicted of a lesser charge, of having sex with a minor. But the judge sentenced him to the maximum term, 14 to 28 years in prison. Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

Dangerous Secrets: Eight years ago, Anthony Scuteri told the police his teacher was molesting him. Nobody believed him. Then two years ago, three other boys came forward. This time, the police listened. The teacher, Gary Serlo, confessed and is now serving up to 17 years in prison.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that 25 years ago, Serlo admitted to molesting boys in Pennsylvania. Correspondent Diana Olick examines why no one listened to Scuteri.

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