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Survey Reveals Blackberry's Higher Purpose: Personal Security Blanket

  • Constant Connection to the Office Often More Often Relaxing Than StressfulThe Find: The 'Crackberry' notion is half-baked: More than a third of Blackberry users consider the device a source of ... relaxation.
  • The Source: Yahoo! HotJobs' annual virtual workplace survey.
The Takeaway: If you're worried that your trip to the beach this summer will be spoiled by the constant intrusion of your Blackberry or smart phone, relax. When HotJobs asked more than 1400 professionals whether their Blackberry was more ball and chain or security blanket, 27 percent admitted their Blackberry was more relaxing than stressful, while 42 percent said their mobile device didn't effect their mental state at all.

Tom Musbach, managing editor of Yahoo! HotJobs, confirms what everyone who has ever used the term 'Crackberry' already suspects: "Many employees develop a psychological need for constant connection." 28 percent of survey respondents said that 24-hour remote access via a wireless device helps them work more effectively than when they are in the office. On the flip side, 18 percent admit to others complaining about their bad manners.

(Image of beer and Blackberry by Hans Voom, CC 2.0)