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3 surprising things seniors should buy now

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There are some items that can help seniors in their daily lives without breaking the bank. Getty Images

Amid stubborn inflation and the threat of a recession, many Americans find themselves carefully reviewing their financial investments. Many others are pulling back on what they're spending or being more judicious about their purchases overall.

In this environment, seniors on a budget are no different. With limited resources and cash flow, they need to be careful about what they buy, particularly during the holiday season.

With that being said, there are some items that seniors may not have thought about that can help them in their daily lives without breaking the bank. 

As is the case with all personal financial considerations, the benefits of each of these items are specific to the individual's personal circumstances. Still, some seniors may be surprised about how helpful (and inexpensive) the following items are.

3 surprising things seniors should consider buying

Here are three surprising things seniors should consider buying now: 

  1. Life insurance
  2. Over-the-counter hearing aids
  3. Medical alert systems

Life insurance

Life insurance for seniors isn't something commonly considered beneficial. But, for some seniors, a policy may make sense, particularly if it can be secured at a low rate.

For example, if you're a senior looking to cover end-of-life expenses like a wake, funeral and burial services, a life insurance policy in a commensurate amount can help. This will ensure that your loved ones don't get stuck with pricey bills after you die.

Similarly, if you have little to no savings or home equity but still want to leave a nest egg for your beneficiaries, a life insurance policy could be advantageous. Ditto if you're concerned about leaving significant amounts of debt in your absence.

Granted, life insurance policies for seniors may not come in large amounts (think under $50,000), but for the right price that may be all you need.

It's easy to see what you can qualify for. Get a free life insurance price quote online right now.

Over-the-counter hearing aids

Hearing aids have traditionally been expensive - and impossible to acquire without a prescription.

Fortunately, due to new legislation, both of those factors have now changed.  

That federal law allows hearing aids to be sold directly over the counter, enabling adults with mild to moderate hearing loss to buy the devices without a prescription. For decades, it would cost customers thousands of dollars to get a hearing aid. Now over-the-counter hearing aids are on sale for a few hundred dollars.

 You may be surprised at how easily (and how cheap) you can secure hearing assistance now. Find a cost-effective and reliable device online now (you may even qualify for a 100-day risk-free trial). 

Medical alert systems

If you're concerned about falls, injuries or the inability to summon help quickly you may be surprised to learn that you can get medical attention without having to have a nurse or physical help nearby.

A medical alert system installed in your home can help notify emergency services whenever you may need them - day or night, weekend or holiday.

Costs for medical alert systems vary based on the type and any additional features you would like, although they generally cost between $20-$40 a month (not including initial costs for equipment and installation). 

Don't risk any medical surprises. Install a medical alert system and have peace of mind knowing that you're protected around the clock. There is a seasonal sale on medical alert systems that you can take advantage of now

The bottom line

Seniors should always be judicious with their spending habits, particularly in an economic environment plagued by inflation. With that being said, there are some items and services that could be both helpful and relatively inexpensive. And there's no up-front commitment! Start by getting a free life insurance price estimate online now.

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