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Super Storage
July 28,1999

Digital storage is growing up: with the evolution of sleek,
ultra-portable devices that pack a gigantic amount of data.
Digital music, photos, videos, and other data can now be exchanged
with greater ease. Sony's new memory-stick technology allows
for seamless transfer of data from one device to another in a hardy little plastic-encased "stick." Iomega's Clik offers a tiny
(but elegant) means of taking 40-megs of memory on-the-road.
Panasonic's new DVD-RAM drive opens the door to the next generation of recordable drives with eight times more space than CD-ROM disks.

Sony's Memory Stick >>>>

SONY wants it's new slim, portable, compatible Memory Stick to become a "universal media." The stick (in a variety of storage "flavors": 4 meg, 8 meg, 16 meg, etc..., and, one day, to 256 meg..) makes storage simple and versatile. Sony expects we'll use these sticks for recording digital video on their whole new line of video-camcorders; take pictures and MPEG-3 video-lets on digital cameras (like the Cybershot;) print digital images on new series of photo printers, etc. SONY's even made a classy, flat Digital Photo Frame that can display moving and still images (with sound) right on your desk.
Insert the the memory stick into a special PCMCIA card and you can easily transfer data from your laptop computer. Even Sony's brand new AIBO robot-dog is controlled by "brain" using this memory stick technology.
Plus you'll see the stick in digital telephones, TV's and car navigation systems.

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Sony Memory Stick

Iomega's Clik! Drive >>>>

Iomega's new Clik!"! product is designed for the road warrior: a tiny mobile "drive-let" with a hefty 40 meg of storage. Laptop users can plug the Clik! PC Card Drive directly into a notebook's card slot... and swap these cookie-size Clik! disks in and out.

For digital camera users, there's another Clik! drive as well. Once your camera's memory card is full, Iomega hopes you'll usethe Clik! Flash Memory Reader attached to a battery-powered Mobile Drive to save your digital images. These Clik! disks are a handy, affordable way of saving data and images. (The estimated US street prices for Clik! are about $10 per disk; the PC Card drive is $199 approx and the Photo System is $299.95.)

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Pansonic DVD-RAM >>>>
PANASONIC has introduced a DVD-RAM drive,(LF-D1O1U), high-capacity with 5.2 GB of removable storage. That's thousands of pictures, 4 hours of MPEG-2 video or eight hours of CD-quality audio. Finally, a device that can read and write in both DVD-RAM and PD formats, and read DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, Video-CD, CD Audio, CD-ROM, etc. Whew. DVD-RAM offers a less expensive way to store and retrieve massive amounts of data: making the recording and storage of digital video on your computer nearly worthwhile. (Tape is still cheaper, folks.) With 2.6 GB of storage per side, Panasonic says their DVD-RAM device offers eight times the storage capacity of CD-R. ( The estimated street price for this DVD-RAM drive is $549 and about $39 per double-sided 5.2 gig disk.)

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