Sunday: The story of the Zapruder film

(CBS News) - "It was the single most dramatic moment of my 70 years of journalism," Dick Stolley, former editor of LIFE magazine, says of his first time watching the film of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Sunday on "Face the Nation," we'll talk to Stolley, who helped the magazine purchase the 26 second film, as well as the granddaughter of the man who captured the most famous home movie in American history.

As offers poured in to purchase the film, Alexandra Zapruder says her grandfather feared his footage would be used distastefully. When Zapruder did hand over film to Stolley and his colleagues at LIFE, the contract mandated that the film be used "consonant with good taste and dignity."

We hope you'll join us Sunday for this special interview as part of our continuing coverage of John F. Kennedy's assassination, 50 years later.

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