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Steve Ballmer looks to the cloud

Steve Ballmer looks to the cloud

(Episode 450; 12 minutes 42) Last week (March 4th 2010) Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, addressed students at Washington State University. The topic was "the cloud", the buzz term of the decade for the trend for applications, content and sharing to all occur online, rather than on our own hard drives or corporate data centres. Google, of course, has based a business model on the approach. Now it's the clear focus of Microsoft with most of the company now working on cloud based applications and services.

During his 70 minute talk Ballmer outlined five principles that are key to Microsoft's "cloud" strategy. I've condensed them down to a more manageable ten minutes for this edition of BTalk. The five points, explained more in the podcast are:

  • 1. The cloud creates opportunities and responsibilities.

  • 2. The cloud learns and helps your learn, decide and take action.

  • 3. The cloud enhances your social and professional interactions.

  • 4. The cloud wants smarter devices.

  • 5. The cloud drives server advances that in turn drive the cloud.

Watch the full video here.

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