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Stepping Into The Fire

For a group of Texas firewalkers, a hot night on the town is had in barefeet over hot coals. They say it's a celebration of personal power and a spiritual journey, Correspondent Kelly Burkeen of CBS affiliate KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas, reports.

John Mazel, the leader of this fire-walking experience, guides his students from the backyard of his home. He calls himself a "firemaster."

First timers like Bonnie Reid search for ways to live beyond traditional beliefs.

"Fire burns. Wood is solid. Steel bars can't bend. They're strong. And I've bought into all these beliefs. And tonight, I've seen those beliefs are not real," Reid says.

"This is about focus. This is about conviction. You just go for it, and it will just bend like a little bitty rubber band," Mazel says to a couple attempting to bend a steel rod.

All this is no trick, he claims. Simply the mind's ability to alter reality.

The group calls the first step into the fire "the giant leap." Reid told reporter Burkeen that all it takes to become a firewalker is having the courage to take the step, and the willingness to explore what is just outside of your comfort zone.

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