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Stars of celebrity sex tapes

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson CBS/Getty

(CBS) A Spanish collector is planning to auction what he claims is a sex tape featuring Marilyn Monroe when she was still an underage actress known as Norma Jean Baker.

A Monroe expert says it isn't her, and, as we all know, the actress didn't need the scandal surrounding a sex tape  to become an icon. But there are plenty of other stars who have had starring roles in sex tapes. Some of them used the footage as a marketing tool to further their fame, while others tried to block the steamy scenes from being seen.

Here's a look at some of the celebrity stars of sex tapes:

Pictures: Stars of celebrity sex tapes

  • Paris Hilton made a sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, which was leaked online in 2003. Hilton initially tried to stop the distribution of the tape, which reportedly came out a week prior to the premiere of her reality show "The Simple Life," but she eventually dropped the suit. In a 2005 interview, Hilton's lawyer said the socialite/TV personality receives profits from the tape, which was released commercially under the title "1 Night in Paris."
  • Before she was on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim Kardashian starred in a homemade sex tape with singer Ray J, which was leaked in February 2007. The socialite/TV personality sued adult video producer Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape, but dropped the case later that year and settled for $5 million.
  • Actor Rob Lowe faced controversy in the 1980s when he taped himself having sex with two women, one of whom was a minor.
  • One of the earliest Internet celebrity sex tapes was of Pamela Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee. Video footage of the couple on their honeymoon was reportedly stolen from their home and caused a stir on the Internet in 1997. The couple sued Internet Entertainment Group, attempting to bar the tape's distribution. Ultimately, the Lees reached a confidential settlement agreement with IEG, which then began making the tape available to its subscribers again.
  • Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on "Saved by the Bell," authorized the release of a sex tape in 2006, in hopes it would bring in profits and help boost his career.
  • Former presidential candidate John Edwards made a sex tape with his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Former Edwards aide Andrew Young told ABC News in 2010 that he found a sex tape of Hunter and Edwards in a pile of trash in a house where Hunter once lived.
  • In 2005, Limp Bizkit rocker Fred Durst sued 10 websites operators who posted a homemade sex tape of him and a former girlfriend after it was stolen from his computer. Durst sought more than $70 million in damages and any profits the site operators reaped from the three-minute clip.
  • A tape of figure skater Tonya Harding having sex with her then-husband Jeff Gillooly became so widely available that the couple decided to release it officially. The so-called "Wedding Night" video (the wedding gown was actually a Halloween costume) was released in 1994.
  • In 2004, Professional wrestler Chyna (real name Joanne Laurer) and her husband approached the video company Red Light District to distribute their sex tape. The video, titled "1 Night in Chyna," sold over 100,000 copies, with both Laurer and Waltman earning a share of the profits.
  • Former beauty queen Carrie Prejean's legal battle with Miss California USA pageant officials reportedly ended in 2009, when both sides settled lawsuits against each other after the revelation of a sex tape. Prejean was alone in the video, which she claimed she made for a boyfriend when she was 17.
  • TV personality Kendra Wilkinson had an unauthorized sex tape released by Vivid Entertainment in 2010. The former "The Girls Next Door" star tried to block the release of the video, made with a boyfriend when she was 18, but reported that Wilkinson had several sex tapes and that she set up a company to try and sell the footage.