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Starr Gets Clinton DNA Sample

President Clinton has given a sample of his DNA to special prosector Ken Starr, CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer reports.

The FBI Lab has been trying to determine if a stain on a dress that Monica Lewinsky turned over to Starr contains the president's DNA.

Neither Starr nor the FBI has disclosed what -- if anything -- has been it found on the dress, but CBS News was told it would be highly unusual to request a DNA sample from the president if nothing had been found on the dress to compare it to.

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Sources tell CBS News that it should be about a week before the Independent Counsel will know if the sample matches whatever has been found on the dress.

In a related development, Monica Lewinsky will return to the grand jury Thursday. She is is prepared to say her physical relationship with the president went beyond the specific acts that Mr. Clinton told the grand jury about on Monday.

In his Monday evening address, the president admitted to an improper relationship with Lewinsky. However, Mr. Clinton maintained that he was technically correct in January when he denied a sexual relationship.

"While my answers were legally accurate, I did not volunteer information," he said.

However, under questioning by prosecutors in the White House Map Room, Mr. Clinton was much more specific. Sources say that at the beginning of that session, the president read a statement admitting inappropriate physical contact.

When prosecutors questioned him about that, he said Lewinsky had performed a specific sex act on him.

CBS News has learned that in Lewinsky's version of events, the trysts went beyond what the president describe, which could further complicate Mr. Clinton's assertion that he has not committed perjury.

In addition, as first reported by the New York Times, prosecutors asked the president about the tie he wore at a Rose Garden Ceremony on August 6th, the day Lewinsky was called before the grand jury.

Friends say Lewinsky gave the tie to the President saying, "When I see you wearing this tie, I'll know I'm close to your heart."

Sources say Mr. Clinton conceded the tie may have come from Lewinsky, but he denied that he was trying to send her a signal of any kind.

Reported by Bob Schieffer
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