Star Wars Mailbag: The Sequel

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GameCore is's video game column written by William Vitka, Chad Chamberlain, Lyndsey Hahn, Alejandro K. Brown.

Our previous Star Wars Galaxies mailbag was a popular article. It was all fueled by what you, the readers, wrote. Since you want to be heard, we'll do our best to make sure you're heard.

Good Evening Mr. Vitka,

Or should I say good morning being that its 0045 a.m. on Monday here in Canada. I'm a semi-vet of the SWG experience, having cancelled my one main account and having kept my auxiliary account only to check progress once in awhile.

I have to ask, has Lucas Arts or anyone involved with the development or maintenance of the Galaxies franchise even responded to this yet? I understand that the New York Times published a similar article so I am looking for any information from SOE to validate my remaining $15.00 a month before canceling that too.

For me life is too busy. As a full time Firefighter and new father if I get time to myself I play the game that *I* want, not the cookie cutter development that SOE and LA have pushed upon the loyal legion of Star Wars Fans.


As of the 26th of this month, after 2 and 1/2 years to the date of joining the best MMO out there, i cancelled my account. The NGE was not properly tested at all in any way, shape or form. I am very sorry to see the game i love go away.

SOE lies to its customers and players. Don't buy another SOE product at all, or if you do, don't expect any customer service at all or anything. I am very angry for spending that much time, effort and money to get wasted.

SWG is a joke, don't buy it, play it at all and Julio Torres's interview on G4 was a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed that the 2 calls that got it were not from angry fans at all, probably had some producers calling in as players.

Have a good one


There is much more to this than just another MMO that got moldy and diehards cementing their feet to the ground.

Digital expansion packs is the new trend, it's cheaper than distribution and a quick buck for the game. Just before the unannounced NGE Sony Online released an EP with a rich new content aimed and sold on much of the content that was to be removed from the game. They later accepted refund requests and were overwhelmed.

MMO fan sites have been critical of SOE in the past and their lack of customer support and as a business modal, SOE are 'light bright' video games. The access pass offers skins to the same game, not unlike the days of LED hand held video games in the early 80's. In fairness to SOE, much of this is genre related and the work of IGN like groups who have made it a business to profit off MMO gamers. Just as much is an element of trust required to get save card addicted video gamers to put their digital toys in the hands of a 3rd party like an MMO and for me, it's the rigidity of SOE and absolute determination to shovel this not so good trend onto the consumer. Games are in decline in quality and it is not a demand issue, companies and programmers are just getting lazy. Sony can't make bad games a fad, or the trend continues.

A good example.

This was ignored, even jumped all over. A simple market test to determine the demand for 2 systems. Sony Online are to say the very least, a very rude company.

Edwin Spence