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Star-Spangled Sky Fire

"And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air ..."

It's that time again. Happy 222nd Birthday, America.

Independence Day means fireworks, lots of fireworks. From coast to coast, towns and cities light up the night sky in celebration of freedom.

What's so magical about fireworks? Philip Butler of Fireworks by Grucci, one of the world's leading pyrotechnic production companies and the oldest in the United States, explains.

"During a fireworks show, you tend to forget all your problems. You tend to become a void as far as any other thoughts. It creates a mesmerizing effect on the audience," says Butler. "Fireworks are multinational in language and in age. From the youngest kid to the most senior person in the audience, they all enjoy fireworks."

Keeping the magic in mind, gives you these useful tools for finding and enjoying celebrations throughout the United States.

This interactive map highlights pyrotechnic displays across the nation, offering fun facts and tips for your firework-viewing pleasure.
There are so many different ways to celebrate the Fourth. Tell us your favorite way. Click here to answer a few lighthearted questions.
Can't get enough "sky fire?" See these links. offers tips on taking great photographs, safely enjoying Independence Day celebrations, and delving deeper into the world of pyrotechnics.

Written and produced by Joshua Platt and Adam S. Gaynor.
Graphic design by V. Alex Burcop.
Research by Alison Urkowitz

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