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Space Station Launches Scheduled

NASA has announced a tentative schedule for space station construction projects over the next two years, CBS News Space Consultant William Harwood reports.

The space station assembly sequenced has not been formally approved.

It shows nine assembly flights this year: four shuttle missions, launch of the Russian service module, three Russian Progress supply ships and launch of the first full-time crew aboard a Soyuz ferry craft.

The preliminary manifest assumes the Russian service module launches between July 8 and July 14, as proposed by the Russians in a Feb. 11 meeting in Moscow.

Assuming that date holds up, NASA will stick with previously announced plans to split the next shuttle assembly mission into two parts, both aboard the shuttle Atlantis. The original crew will also be split up for these two missions.

While the new crews have not been announced, sources say the new STS-101 crew will be made up of: Commander James Halsell, Pilot Scott Horowitz and a crew of Mary Ellen Weber, Jeffrey Williams, James Voss, Susan Helms and Cosmonaut Yuri Usachev.

Voss, Helms and Usachev make up the station's second permanent crew, known as Expedition 2. They have been added to the STS-101 crew because of their familiarity with the Zarya module and their prior shuttle training (Voss and Helms are shuttle veterans).

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