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Source of What Ails U.S. Fight: Pakistan

Pakistan closed its gateway to NATO convoys ferrying supplies into Afghanistan. The border closure was in response to a helicopter attack that killed three Pakistani soldiers at a border outpost. Pakistan is the source for much of what ails the United States in its war in Afghanistan. In the last several weeks, air attacks from predator drones have increased in the border region. And Pakistan has been none too pleased. But, if Pakistan were a true ally, they'd be happy that hostile elements were under assault. Truth is Pakistan's intelligence service is rife with Jihadist sympathizers and enablers. Their military operates at its own discretion. In fact, earlier this week, Pakistani generals voiced their displeasure with the current president Asif Ali Zadari. During Pakistan's recent floods, the government's response was impotent. An historically corrupt and feckless leadership in a place quite literally crawling with America's enemies. And they're on our side.

Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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