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How Smart Are You?

You're at, which means you must be a whiz. Seriously, the Web has a plethora of information on intelligence, IQ, and on Lila McCann, the 16-year-old country singer who's already topping the charts.

Lila McCann Webring: The web has at least 20 sites devoted to this 16-year-old star. One fan has assembled a loose aggregation of sites, known on the Web as a "ring," about the singer.

The Official Lila McCann Site: Lila's record company, Elektra, has created a site for the singer. Here you'll find sound clips, and a (short) discography.

IQ Tests: You may not be young anymore, but you can still be smart. Or maybe not. Find out exactly how smart you are, with this collection of intelligence tests. Some of them are serious, while some are not so serious.

The Intelligence Page: This is an aggregation of sites about intelligence, genius, puzzles, and Mensa.

Mensa Home Page This is the virtual headquarters for the international organization of people with really high IQs. If you were really smart, you'd already know that "Mensa" means "table" in Latin. This name stands for a round-table society, where the only consideration is intelligence.

The National Organization For Gifted Youth : If you're a smart kid, or the parent of a smart kid, you might want to check out this site, from a group that is dedicated to helping young geniuses reach their potential.

The Council For Exceptional Children: This is devoted to helping not only smart kids, but children with disabilities.

The Seven Types Of Intelligence: A summary of psychologist Howard Gardner's list of the seven different kinds of thought.

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written by David Kohn