SodaStream stock is going crazy, a review from someone who owned the thing

SodaStream Review

(CBS) - Fizzy-drink maker SodaStream's shares are up. Partially driven by higher sales in the U.S., the number is expected to go up 30 percent this year.

So why's everyone buying the DIY soda machine anyway? It's eco-friendly, cost-effective and (supposedly) "tastes good."

Confession: I bought the SodaStream a few months ago. I just wanted to make pineapple-y goodness. Sadly, I did not succeed.

Every time I'd try to concoct a bottle, it felt like a nightmare of epic proportions. In the beginning, I couldn't even get it right. (Maybe I'm stupid.) The water would just get wooshed around in the bottle, but it hardly turned fizzy.

Once I actually learned how to make it -- thanks, Youtube -- I'd have extreme anxiety. It's so scary to use. I was always afraid it would explode in my face.

As for the taste, that too, was an epic fail. That pineapple-y goodness I had hoped for likened itself to a cough-syrup-y yuck.

But hey, that's just my opinion. Some people love the thing.

"I got this for a birthday present and it's fantastic! They were very popular in the U.K. in the '70s and early '80s," Carol Stevenson of San Francisco, Calif. pointed out. "I was thrilled to see them back again. The machine is easy to use and doesn't take up much counter space."

"I love this thing," said Victoria Compton of Seattle, Wash. "I bought it originally in order to stop throwing away so many plastic bottles (we're seltzer maniacs here)."

I've since given up on my dream of the custom pineapple refreshment.

So what did I do with this loud, scary machine that made medicine-y soda? I gave it to my mom.

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