So You Still Want To Be President?

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
"So You Want to Be President", was the title of a documentary I made some years back. I asked people who pursued the presidency why they did it.

Hard it was, they said…and absolutely worth it.

Still, if you were Barack Obama this morning, finding out that North Carolina Republicans were running an ad featuring your former preacher unleashing a now familiar rant, you probably wouldn't be happy about it.

Barack Obama is right about these distractions. They do little to illuminate the electorate, and a lot to divert our attention from the tiny little problems the next president will have to address.

Like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like the fact that millions of high school students never graduate. Like the fact that some of our cities have again turned into killing fields. Like the healthcare we can't afford. Like the jobs we're losing everyday. Like the foreclosure crisis. Like the inflation that's turning our dollars into dust.

And you still want to be president?