'Smoosh' Sisters A Seattle Sensation

Asya and Chloe may look like any other preteens, but in fact these sisters are the latest indie rock sensation. Their band is called "Smoosh."

They're too cool for school even though they're still in school. As national correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports, the Seattle sisters are in the sixth and eighth grade.

"I just thought it was hilarious that they were 10- and 12-year-old sisters, and then I looked into their music and it was good!" says "Smoosh" fan Danny.

They have two critically acclaimed records and a music video but at home, they are like any other regular teens.

"We clean our rooms, do the dishes, like help with the kitchen, and cleaning, like vacuum, take out the garbage," says Asya.

Take a tour of their rooms and you will not find a "Smoosh" poster in sight.

"I don't want to put like 'Smoosh' stuff everywhere," says Chloe, acknowledging that she doesn't want to be conceited about the band's success.

"When I have friends come over, I just want it to be like normal. I don't want them to be like 'Smoosh' everywhere, you know?" Asya adds.

Their parents, Mike and Maria, with two other little ones in the house, are suddenly juggling family with rock 'n' roll.

"Do you ever think, 'Wouldn't it be nice if they just played violin?' " Kauffman asks.

"Sure, easier to transport," jokes the teens' mom, Maria.

Actually the girls' career started with the dusty violin sitting unused. They had gone to a music store to get it strung, and that's when the girls discovered drums, the keyboard and a beat of their own.

There are jam sessions all over the house.

The girls have even set up a "garbage drum set," created out of empty containers and kitchen items.

Their parents, a pediatrician and Ph.D. student, insist they're not pushing the girls to perform. In fact, it can be inconvenient sometimes.

"We just have to scramble to re-arrange our schedules," says Maria.

"Yeah, that's the tricky part," Mike adds.

"When they drive it might be a little bit easier!" Maria says, laughing.

For now, their parents drive them on tour. Kauffman caught up with them in Los Angeles, where they were about to perform at the Roxy, a club on the Sunset Strip.

At first, the club manager wouldn't let them in without proper papers; when they finally did take the stage, age didn't seem to matter.

"They were great, I mean, real soulful music," a female fan says.

"Well, first we were pretty blown away by how young they were, but they really rock out!" another fan adds.

Afterward, when other bands might be breaking out the booze, Asya and Chloe divvy up the candy, something their parents hope will never change, no matter how famous they become.

The girls use first names only — their parents say that's to ensure the family's privacy. Smoosh is in the midst of a world tour. They've just played Europe and are now heading to Australia. Then it's back to the United States for a little summer vacation before school starts again.

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