Smartphone Video Leak of Dell Thunder Smartphone

So it appears that the Dell Thunder smartphone is going to be a real product after all.

Dell Thunder Engadget

Earlier this spring, the tech blogosphere got worked up over what purported to be a Dell prototype of an Android smartphone device. Now, the tech blog Engadget has received a video confirming its existence. To wit:

Our tipster reports an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash on the back -- which includes 720p video capture capabilities -- along with a removable 1,400mAh battery. His prototype's running vanilla Android 2.1 at present, though the final units can probably be expected to ship with Dell's custom skin on top. Screen resolution is purportedly 800 x 480, though judging by that 7 x 4 icon grid up there and our tipster's own experience, it could be even higher; the 4.1-inch display looks to indeed be of the OLED variety, as our earlier leak had indicated. All that and it has the looks of a pocket-sized supercar.

Meanwhile, The Dell Streak becomes available for pre-order today. This is the company's tweener device, that reviewers have described as falling somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet computer.