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Six Tips to Help Women Choose Companies Where They Can Advance

The glass ceiling still prevails for women as they try to progress in corporations. If you are female with an eye on the C-Suite, here are some tips for choosing a company where you can prosper, be respected and advance.
  1. Make sure the firm respects women by seeing just how many woman are on the board and in other leadership spots and ask about policies such as maternity leave.
  2. Spot "alpha" males who have a "get it done" mentality versus "beta" males who work more collaboratively.
  3. Find an experienced female mentor either within the corporation or in an outside group.
  4. Drop the "I'm sorry" bit from your vocuabulary since women seemed trained to apologize unnecessarily.
  5. Socialize with your male co-workers.
  6. Never assume stereotypical roles such as fetching coffee or cleaning up after others.
Sounds wise to me.