Sir James Dyson talks cutting edge of clean


(CBS News) Sir James Dyson has been an entrepreneur and innovator for more than 20 years. The vacuum inventor and his company developed the first vacuum cleaner that works without a bag. These days, he's talking about more than the cutting edge of clean however -- he's encouraging young people to become engineers and inventors -- and he joined "CBS This Morning" to talk about it.

An inventor's mindset is "to be curious and to get angry when things don't work properly," Dyson told Charlie Rose. For him, he was angry that his vacuum cleaner continually lost suction -- and decided to fix the problem himself.

Today, Dyson worries that although "young children are really interested in invention and engineering ... it gets knocked out of them." He went on to add that in the software-focused digital age, hardware is still king.

While the allure of joining companies like Facebook and Google motivates many budding entrepreneurs today, Dyson argues these companies are "very small employers" and offered a point of comparison. "General Motors employs four times as many people as Google ... the future is in manufacturing."