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Shirts That Fit To A Tee

T-shirts are a great wardrobe staple for both and women, especially on the weekends. But how do you find one that's "Just Perfect"? For its "Just Perfect" series, The Saturday Early Show invited Alle Fister to share advice.

Fister is regularly interviewed for her style expertise in magazines such as Allure, Lucky, Life and Style, Glamour, Shop Etc, Women's Wear Daily, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, as well as on broadcast TV shows. She also works with fashion and lifestyle companies such as

So what is it that makes a T-shirt "just perfect"? Fister says you can take a white T-shirt and make it your own simply by adding accessories like cute shoes and jewelry. Even your hairdo can make a difference. Especially with jeans, a white T-shirt is so neutral.

It worked for men, too, who can look pretty hot in a fitted white tee and jeans. They can go casual with sneakers, or dress it up with a blazer.

As for fit, Fister advises women, a T-shirt's cut should be slightly longer, especially with low-rise jeans. A longer cut elongates the torso, which makes you look trimmer. It should also be cut on a bias (more of an hourglass shape, going out at chest, in at waist, hug at hip). Buy it an Inch longer than you want it to be, because the shirt is bound to shrink. As for sleeves, cap sleeve is great; it meets you at your muscle, which is very flattering.

For men, the fit of a T-shirt can work in different ways. They should be slightly fitted so they are not sloppy, like you just rolled out of bed. But, at the other extreme, a T-shirt can be too fitted. Men should be aware that even if they are dressing casually, their T-shirts shouldn't look like they grabbed it off the floor.

The tried-and-true fabric is 100 percent cotton. Though T-shirts made from this fabric lose their shape a little easier, they also pill the least. Fabrics containing some modal are stretchy and buttery-feeling. T-shirts made from 98 percent cotton with 2 percent spandex stretch a little and the spandex helps them to retain their shape.

The more expensive a T-shirt is, the more time has been spent on its fit and fabric. If you wear a T-shirt all the time, it's probably worth the money.

The best way to take care of a T-shirt is to wash it by hand and lay flat to day. Don't hang dry, because that will stretch it out. If you do wash it in the machine, don't leave it in the dryer for too long.

Old Navy, Gap, Target and Victoria's Secret Pink have some great new "old" looking shirts.

But when the fabric rubs away, when it gets dingy and white looks yellow, it's time to get rid of your T-shirt.

Other possible sources for your perfect T-shirt might include,, C&C California,, or Tiana.

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