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Seventy-five percent of teens are on social networks, but only eight percent are on Twitter (VIDEO)

(CBS/What's Trending) - Teens love texting. Teens love YouTube. Teens love Facebook. Teens don't mind Twitter.

According to Column Five Media, when adolescents' online behavior is examined, a surprisingly sizeable portion of Generation Z, individuals born in the 1990ss and 2000', have their hand in what's being put online. Twelve to 17-year-olds and 18-29 year olds have a huge presence on social networking site such as Facebook, and nearly 75 percent of these age groups operate on a social media site. A large amount of today's youth is also responsible for uploading content or remixing uploaded content on YouTube.

Interestingly, Twitter is less popular among teens as only eight percent of adolescents tweet whereas twenty-one percent of adults tweet. This might be attributed to Twitter popularization by politicians and news organizations using the website to reach its constituency and as a gage for what news is important to people.

Texting is important to teens as nearly a third of adolescents send over one hundred texts a day, and ninety-eight percent of youth texting at least once a day. Despite the heavy usage of mobile telephones and heavy use of social network sites by teens, only twenty-nine percent use the Internet on their phone.

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