Seven Signs It's Time for a Career Change

Last Updated Feb 5, 2010 10:21 AM EST

When should you start looking for a new job?Often dissatisfaction at work is just burn-out and can be fixed by adjusting your mentality or taking a decent vacation, but sometimes there's something wrong that's more fundamental -- you're in the wrong role, wrong industry or wrong career path entirely. Telling one from the other can be tricky, however, especially for those who are new to the workplace and unsure what is a normal level of malaise.

So how can you tell garden variety burn-out from a real need for career change? Women's website Shine recently offered some suggestions that would work just as well for men. Watch out for these warning signs and if you suffer from several of them, consider taking radical action to revamp your career:

  • Your Mondays Ruin Your Sundays Is your job so daunting that you wake up Sunday morning already dreading Monday morning? If so, get out now.
  • You Don't Respect Your Superiors While you may not always like them, you should always have respect for your superiors -- they represent where you would like to be one day. If you don't, then the pay-off for all your hard work may not be what you wanted.
  • Lack of Satisfaction or Accomplishment After hours and hours of work, you should be proud of yourself for a job well-done. Even for the most trivial of tasks, if you're happy knowing that you contributed in some way to your company, your job is worth sticking to. But if you are continually having "What does it all mean?" moments and never finding satisfaction or feeling accomplished in any of your tasks (granted, not every cup of coffee or copy made will feel meaningful), then maybe two-weeks notice is in order.
  • Boredom By boredom, we don't mean you're sick and tired of making copies everyday -- that's a task no one enjoys. No, what we mean is you've become bored with the industry: you look at what your superiors are doing and don't find any interest in it and the job descriptions for positions above you sound dull as dirt.
  • Misery Loves Company Do you find yourself gravitating towards the more disgruntled employees of your company, bonding over the anger you have towards your job? You tend to be the company you keep, so if you're attracted to a more miserable crowd, then you should get out before you become permanently bitter and cynical.
  • Conflicting Ideals Try to pick a career that is relevant to your ideals. If you find that your job conflicts with your principles, save yourself the sleepless nights and restart your career search.
  • Your Life Has Taken a Turn For the Worse If your animosity towards your job is affecting your personal life, end this career now. Your job should not force you to take frustrations out on the people you love.
For more on the topic, check out the complete article at Shine.
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