Seven Hiring Trends for 2009

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Seven Hiring Trends for 2009
  • The Find: Fewer employers may be hiring in 2009, but those that are are increasing salaries, offering more flexible work arrangements and focusing on green jobs and retaining mature workers.
  • The Source: A survey from CareerBuilder, conducted by Harris Interactive.
The Takeaway: Yeah, things are pretty bleak. Of 3,259 hiring managers and human resource professionals in private sector companies surveyed by CareerBuilder, only 14 percent plan to hire full time staff in 2009. Compare that to 32 percent who planned to add staff last year. Still, just because hiring will be slow, that doesn't mean there won't be some sectors doing better than others, as well as trends in compensation and benefits. CareerBuilder outlines seven:
  1. Increased salaries: 66 percent of employers reported their companies will increase salaries for existing employees in 2009, down from 80 percent in 2008.
  2. Flexible work arrangements: 31 percent of employers plan to provide more flexible work arrangements.
  3. Green jobs: Thirteen percent of employers said they plan to add "green jobs," compared to one in ten who said they would added them in 2008.
  4. Recruitment tools: While 23 percent of employers said their overall hiring budgets would decrease, some do plan to increase their recruitment spend on online recruitment sites (19 percent), newspaper classifieds (15 percent), career fairs (12 percent), recruiters (12 percent) and social networking sites (7 percent).
  5. Retaining retirees: A quarter of employers surveyed reported concern over the loss of intellectual capital as a large number of baby boomers approach retirement age.
  6. Diversity recruitment: When asked if there is a particular segment of workers they plan to target more aggressively in 2009, employers pointed to Hispanics, women, African-Americans and mature workers. 88 percent said they will place the same or greater emphasis on recruiting bilingual candidates.
  7. Freelance or contract hiring: As the nation waits for the economy to bounce back, employers are turning to freelance or contract workers. 28 percent anticipate hiring freelancers or contractors in 2009.
The complete 2009 hiring forecast is available for download.

The Question: Is your firm planning on hiring in 2009?

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