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Send Out The Clowns

The popular "Amazing Race" clown team, Jon Weiss and Al Rios, found themselves alone Thursday at the airport terminal in Seoul, South Korea, and without much to laugh about.

Now that their race is over, they are still clowning around, proud of their motto never to give up. They showed up in good spirits, each wearing a bright red clown nose, when they shared their experience with The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith, who joined in the fun, wearing a clown nose as well.

Before getting to the airport, the clowns had called a travel agent to find out the best way to get to their final destination in Australia.

Al says, "They told us a direct flight was on Malaysia Airlines. Just take it." That is why they decided not to get on the Singapore Airlines flight as the other teams did because that flight stopped in Singapore first.

Jon says, "We felt comfortable about it. Then when we found out the flight was delayed and we were behind the other teams. Depression set in, Harry."

Al adds, "It's a horrible feeling. You start second thinking about what you did. Did we make the right decision? But the guy told us this is it. Lot of times you have to go with it and see what happens."

Nevertheless, they continued to do their best, particularly when they both had to drop off the side of a hotel in Australia.

Jon says, "I think it was like 200 feet. So for us there was no other choice. To run across the street and run up the building was no option. I knew Al had a fear of heights. He did well. I'm very proud of him."

The experience was great fun for Jon and a breakthrough for Al.

Jon says, "It's things that I don't get a chance to do because I don't want to get hurt. It was a great chance for me to do some great stuff. Al overcame his fear."

Al says, "I didn't think I was going to do it, man. Jon said we're going straight down. We did it. I just didn't think about it and did it."

Of course, they had no idea how far they were behind or what place they were in.

Jon notes, "We thought maybe there's a chance we could catch up. Maybe a chance or detour or road block where all the teams would bunch up. We had to assume that and just keep going. That's all we could do."

They ended up being eliminated from the race even though Reichen and Chip cheated - driving their car from one point to the pit stop. Reichen and Chip were just penalized.

Jon says, "To be honest, we would have liked it to be a longer penalty and maybe we'd still be in the race. But we can't change the fact. Fact is, we were eliminated. We gave it our all."

How far back were they?

Al says, "30 minutes." To which Smith comments, "Oh you deserved to lose."

Jon and Al burst out laughing.

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