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Seeking Tweens Living in Our Digital World

Are your tweens constantly on the computer/cell/text/iTunes/twitter, etc.? If the answer is, "Yes," then "The Early Show" wants you!

Interested in taking part? Click here.

On January 4, as we start a new decade, CBS News will kick off a network-wide series, "CBS Reports: Where America Stands," focusing on where we are on some of the most important issues of our time and where we may be going in the next decade. The reports will appear on all platforms of CBS News.

One of the first issues we'll tackle on "The Early Show" is how America's tweens are growing up in a digital world. We're in a search of a family with two or more tweens, preferably girls and boys willing to participate. We'd want to see how you are surviving in an age where everyone is seemingly connected to the net, social networking devices and being digital all the time.

We'd be interested in getting the thoughts of everyone in the family -- kids and parents -- on everything from sex, drugs and money to how much time you spend online to how difficult it is to keep modern families together. We'd also be interested in whether your family has a tradition -- maybe Sunday night dinner -- that you try and keep to regularly.

If this sounds like your family, and you're interested in being interviewed for our CBS News series, please send us an e-mail. We'd need to know where you live, the ages of your kids, a bit about your digital experience, how you all are adjusting to this high-tech world, and whether you keep up any traditions to elevate family time. We'd need to shoot our story this month, so please let us know your availability for interviews next week and the week after, the week of December 21 and the week of December 28.

We're really excited about the project and look forward to hearing from you.

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