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See Us Behind-The-Scenes, Live!

The Early Show Saturday Edition is going to give viewers the chance to not only stay up-to-the-minute -- but ahead of things!

That's because, on Saturday, Feb. 28, we're going to have a special, live Webcam following around the day's "Chef on a Shoestring" as he prepares his fare for the segment. He'll also be chatting with viewers watching him getting ready to go on the air.

Just click on the page to find the link to enable you to join in! The Early Show Saturday Edition airs from seven-to-nine o'clock in the morning.

During the segment, chef Scott Peacock of The Watershed Restaurant, in Decatur, Ga., will be making a Southern-style brunch on our recession-busting budget of just $35.

And you could get to see him as he readies his offerings for the show!