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Second try for Google TV - now with Android apps

A year after Google TV first hit the market, Google has announced the first major update to the Google TV platform.

The latest update is built on Android's Honeycomb operating system and Google promises a significantly simplified user interface. The update also finally enables Google TV products to access the Android Market and Google says there will be 30 TV-optimized apps at launch

From the released screenshots, the new interface certainly looks to be a big improvement on last year's Google TV experience. There's a new section called TV and Movies, which presents a browsing-friendly interface that combines content from your cable/satellite service, Netflix,, YouTube, and HBO Go. It also includes pricing information and lets you filter by content that's currently playing live.

Search is also said to be improved and capable of searching through the same services available in the TV and Movies section. Google says search also does a better job of filtering out content providers that currently block Google TV from accessing their services, which was a major problem with the older software.

You can read the full review over at our sister site, CNET

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