Second Cup Cafe: Keri Noble

Singer/songwriter/pianist Keri Noble doesn't hold back when it comes to putting her emotions out there for all to see.

As the daughter of a Christian minister, Noble has gotten a lot of soul from her surroundings, and credits the church not only for reaching her spirituality, but for releasing her musical side.

"To live in Detroit, there are some aspects of the church culture that you just can't escape. It's more than just religion. It's an emotional experience. I love gospel music. If you go to a black church and open yourself up to the music, you feel something, regardless of what your belief system might be," Noble said on her official Web site.

The Detroit native, who now lives in Minneapolis, has released her third album, one that's self-titled. Proving that three times is a charm, the album is generating a lot of buzz and critical acclaim.

Often compared to Norah Jones, Noble made her national television debut on The Early Show Saturday Edition's "Second Cup Cafe," performing her song, "Emily," which was co-written with Kristen Hall from Sugarland.

Refreshed and revived after some tumultous times, Noble says she feels like she has come a long way, and is experiencing a new beginning.

Her song "Watch Me Walk" pays homage to her personal growth and strength to walk away from a failing relationship and regain her identity.

Whether it's breaking away from somewhat dysfunctional relationships or wearing her heart on her sleeve, Noble has landed on solid ground.

She reveals raw emotions of desperation in "Remember My Name" and "Last Warning," yet she finds the light at the end of the tunnel with "Get Proud" and "Born Again."

Both personally and professionally, Noble feels liberated.

"I feel free to be the artist that I am, and also the artist that I can be," Noble said. "I don't feel any pressure to try to fit into some mold. I just feel very free."