Search Still On for Baby Gabriel

Police in Arizona continue their search for Baby Gabriel. The infant, at the center of a heated custody dispute, was last seen the day after Christmas.

Investigators have released new photos of the eight-month-old baby. They were taken December 26, the day before he was reported missing. Police still don't know if he's dead or alive.

His mother, 23-year-old Elizabeth Johnson has been charged in the case, but claims he is still alive.

Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing
Police: "Indications" Missing Baby Alive

Johson says she gave Gabriel to strangers she met in San Antonio, Texas, "Early Show" national correspondent Hattie Kauffman reported.

CBS News caught up with family members visiting her in jail.

Bob Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson's grandfather, said, "It's our intention to ask her to give up the location of the baby and to settle this thing.

In a text message, Elizabeth Johnson sent to Gabriel's biological father, Logan McQueary, she claimed she'd killed Gabriel. And in a conversation not long afterward, McQueary told police that Johnson said she put Gabriel's body in a diaper bag and threw it in a trash bin.

However, Elizabeth Johnson told the Phoenix television station KPHO in a phone interview that she gave Gabriel to a couple she didn't know at a San Antonio park, and that she only said she killed the boy to get back at McQueary.

Gabriel was last seen Dec. 26 in San Antonio. Johnson drove to San Antonio from her home in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe, stayed about a week, then took a bus to Florida without Gabriel, police say. She was arrested Dec. 30 in Miami Beach and returned to Arizona to face kidnapping and child abuse charges. She's jailed on $1.1 million bond.

Meanwhile Analisa Urias, of Texas, has come forward, claiming Johnson hired her off of Craigslist to babysit Gabriel while she stayed in a San Antonio hotel. Urias says there was a butcher knife next to the bed and Johnson told her to give the infant medicine to keep him quiet.

"She wasn't affectionate with Gabriel or anything," Urias says. "It didn't seem like she really wanted him."

Police are also investigating an online claim by a woman in Wisconsin that she adopted a baby named Gabriel while visiting Texas over the holidays.

Authorities have also searched the home of Jack and Tammi Smith, an Arizona couple who wanted to adopt Gabriel from Elizabeth Johnson.

The Smiths, according to Lt. Mike Horn of the Tempe Police Department, are still considered "persons of interest" in the case.

Last week on "The Early Show," the Smiths adamantly denied involvement in Gabriel's disappearance.

Missing Baby "Persons of Interest" Speak

Tammi Smith told "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez on Jan. 11 she and her husband don't have any idea of Gabriel's whereabouts. "I sure wish we did. I sure wish (Elizabeth) told us any name, any -- of anything," Smith said.

"We spent ten years building a successful business here (in Scottsdale)," Jack Smith said, "and, for us to throw that away, or even the thoughts of throwing that away for someone we had known for nine days, that's ludicrous. No, absolutely not."

Police believe the Smiths know more than they're saying, Horn said on "The Early Show" Tuesday.

"At this point, we still believe that there's information that's out there that they have knowledge of that could assist further in this investigation," he said. "And really it's on them if they come to the point where they want to be completely truthful about everything that they know."

Smith told Rodriguez he and his wife wanted to take a polygraph test to clear their name and focus on any other leads in the investigation.

Cmdr. Kim Hale, who is leading Tempe police's investigation, told The Associated Press the lie detector test came back as inconclusive.

Horn told Rodriguez police are "optimistic" that Gabriel is alive, saying they've had "indications" that there may have been a plan to adopt him out.

He added, "Unfortunately, as each day passes, we also have to wrestle with the fact that Elizabeth may have carried out what she originally said, and that she killed him. So we have to progress that both are a possibility, but at the same time, we are very optimistic that we can find him."