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Search Drags On For Bomb Suspect

The search for abortion clinic bombing suspect Eric Rudolph continued on Sunday in and around Andrews, N.C. Some of the 200 agents and search-and-rescue workers are awaiting replacements in the painstaking manhunt through the Southern Appalachians.

There are plans for new search crews and supplies to arrive. Cars and trucks carrying heavily armed federal agents, search dogs, and equipment rolled out of a search command post at a mountain campground near where Rudolph was seen.

The suspect remains on the loose in terrain that's clearly working to his advantage. But the tough terrain may not be the only challenge federal agents are facing.

"People are kind of anti-government here too," said Forester Frank Findley. "...they don't really like the overwhelming presence of the federal government..."

Police sketch of Rudolph
In fact, some local residents around Andrews seem delighted that Rudolph has been able to outsmart an army of federal agents.

Along with the pervasive anti-government sentiment, many here hold strong anti-abortion views. Although most people won't say it, plenty of them are sympathetic to Eric Rudolph's plight.

One thing is absolutely clear though: Townspeople in Andrews do want a peaceful resolution to this standoff, reports Atlanta affiliate WGNX Reporter Fred Powers. "I'm afraid somebody will be hurt," one resident says. "I don't even want [Rudolph] to be hurt."

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The 31-year-old outdoorsman showed up last week at the home of a local businessman after vanishing in early February. He stocked up on six months of provisions including food and batteries and left in the man's pickup truck.

Rudolph is accused of bombing a Birmingham, Alabama abortion clinic on Jan. 29, killing an off-duty policeman and severely injuring a nurse. He is also wanted for questioning in three Atlanta-area bombings, including the 1996 Olympics blast that killed one person and injured over one hundred. There is a $1 million reward for any information leading to Rudolph's capture.