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Scouts Pursuing Cookie Crooks

Every year, the Girl Scouts sell cookies, and every year, some people buy the cookies but never pay.

The local Girl Scout Council has filed nine small claims suits against people who have been delinquent in paying for scout cookies sold them earlier this year.

The council is seeking damages ranging from $27 to $321.80.

Claire B. Hiller, executive director the Girl Scout Council of Kenosha, said Tuesday the council's volunteers decided several years ago to take the scofflaws to small claims court.

The move is made only after all other means of collecting have been exhausted, Hiller said.

"We go through a whole collection process," she said.

Hiller said about $1,250 was still unpaid for the cookies, down from about $10,000 in uncollected revenue at the end of the cookie sale campaign.

She said her office has begun getting telephone calls from those sent notices to appear in small claims court Aug. 3.

"We will work with them any way we can," she said.

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