Scoping Out The Veepstakes

Although we've yet to narrow the presidential field down to two candidates, there's a lot of buzz about who's in the unofficial running for the No. 2 office in the country. Tonight on the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric will talk to a few of the most savvy experts on presidential politics to get a feel for who's on the short-list for both parties. And over at Horserace, CBS Political Editor Vaughn Ververs breaks down the odds. A taste:
Picking a running mate is serious business in spite of the often carnival-like atmospherics that can accompany it. Clandestine meeting with prospective candidates, endless speculation and jockeying among various boosters aside, it's generally the first major decision made by two individuals auditioning for the job of running the country.
Check out the rest of Vaughn's profiles of the likely picks over at Horserace, including why Mitt Romney is an option for McCain, which governors will likely make the Republican short list and why Joe Biden isn't perfect for either Democrat.