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Scooter Who?

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

There's probably a pretty good chance Scooter Libby won't go to jail. No, with appeals and a possible pardon, by the time the next president is elected Libby will be a footnote to the larger story which is the Bush presidency.

With poll approval numbers how hovering in the high twenties it is hard to imagine things much worse. But there is a reason for this. Going back to WMD's, to no armor for the troops, to Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff, to Katrina, and now Walter Reed, by the time historians get around to picking through the wreckage, Libby will seem like a fender bender.

Libby's friends in high places are raising money to continue the legal battle. The president said he felt bad for Libby's family. Dick Cheney was disappointed in the verdict. What's really sad? It seems no one in the White House can recognize Libby did anything wrong.

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By Harry Smith

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