Schieffer On Rooney

Out of My Mind (Hardcover) by Andrew A. Rooney (Author)
Weekly commentary by Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer.

Politicians are always asking why we don't report good news.

Well, I am ready to do that. They won't like it because it's not about them. But the good news is Andy Rooney has written a new book of original essays called "Out of My Mind," and it is one of the funniest, wisest books I have ever read.

The bad news is I started reading it last night when I should have been writing my commentary to end this broadcast, couldn't stop and fell asleep with a smile on my face and awoke with no commentary which leaves me no choice but to quote from Andy's book.

You know its Andy talking when early on he ponders how much the earth weighs. Who but Andy would care?

When he discovered there are two million American men in prison and only 100,000 women, who but Andy would wonder if that's because women are more honest or just smarter and don't get caught?

Who but Andy would question the conventional wisdom that we grow wiser with age? He says that if we notice how our face changes or the shape of our feet as we age, who would argue an old brain is as agile as it was when we were 21.

I can relate to that.

Actually I have mixed feelings about telling you to buy this book. If no one buys it I can keep cribbing from it when I have nothing much to say and a deadline is near — like today.

Being a writer, Andy can relate to that.

Now isn't this the part where that stopwatch starts ticking?

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By Bob Schieffer