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Saturday at the Movies

Every week, The Saturday Early Show takes a peek at a couple of new movies for the weekend. For Feb. 10, Co-Anchor Russ Mitchell reports on Hannibal and Saving Silverman.

The highly anticipated sequel to The Silence of the Lambs is out, and Sir Anthony Hopkins is back as the man-eating Dr. Lecter. Ten years after breaking out of prison, Hannibal Lecter has set up house in Florence, Italy.

But FBI agent Clarice Starling (portrayed this time by Julianne Moore) has not forgotten their meetings of a decade past. Fueled by new clues from a surviving Lecter victim, she rejoins the hunt for the serial killer.

Moore took the role after Jodie Foster declined, saying the script was too "lurid." Moore recently told Vanity Fair magazine that her role as "psychologically horrifying" and she had to go to a therapist to sort it all out.

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In Saving Silverman, Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn, and Jack Black team up as childhood buddies. Their friendship is jeopardized when Biggs gets engaged to a manipulative psychologist (Amanda Peet) who disapproves of Biggs' friends.

In order to save their relationship, Zahn and Black are forced to take action.

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