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Same-sex marriage rulings commemorated on Google search bar

Google commemorated the Supreme Court's decisions Wednesday on same-sex marriage by hiding an Easter egg in it search engine.

Court strikes down DOMA; sends Prop 8 back to Calif.
Impact of Supreme Court striking down DOMA

Type in the word "gay" on Google's home page and the results page will show a rainbow surrounding the search bar. An Easter egg is an inside joke or hidden message typically hidden in programming code, books or movies.

The Supreme Court struck down a provision of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that extends the same federal benefits given to heterosexual couples to those in same-sex marriages, and in a separate ruling on California's Proposition 8, cleared the way for same-sex marriages to resume in that state.

The search giant has supported marriage equality in the past. During the November 2012 elections, Google released a video to support marriage equality initiatives in four states: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

Google employees also contributed to the "It Gets Better Project" by releasing a video of personal stories, which tell gay and lesbian teenagers that life will get better when they become adults.