Sales Quiz: Handling "I Have a Friend in the Business"

Last Updated Apr 13, 2010 6:29 AM EDT

SCENARIO: You're at the beginning of a sales cycle and starting to discuss the products and services your firm offers. The prospect surfaces the following objection:
"I have a friend in the business"
Here are three possible responses. Pick the best one.
  • RESPONSE #1: "There's an old saying that sometimes friendship and business don't mix. If you bought from a friend you might not say anything if you weren't happy with the purchase, but with me you can get on my case until you get what you want."
  • RESPONSE #2: "That's great. Who does he/she work for? Has he/she quoted you a price? What benefits do they offer in that package?" (Continue to sound out the situation, then position your offering competitively.)
  • RESPONSE #3: "That's fine, but if your friend says that he can get you a better deal that what I can offer, he's dead wrong. My company offers an unconditional guarantee..." (Continue to tout the advantages of working with your firm.)

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