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Rupert Boneham Predicts "Villain" "Survivor" Win

For its 20th season, the legendary CBS series "Survivor" brought back some of its most controversial players and put the "heroes" up against the "villains."

This season in the South Pacific has been fuller of back stabbings and alliances than any season that has come before it. It's been a long and dirty ride for all involved.

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In Thursday night's episode, Rupert Boneham -- a true "Survivor" hero -- was tripped up by Sandra and the other villains.

At the elimination ceremony, Boneham gave his fellow contestants a glare that "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez said spoke volumes about what he was feeling.

But what would he have said if he could speak to his competitors?

"(I) would have said you all are bad, bad, bad. I so badly want to believe people. I thought Russell -- I know I can't believe him whole-hearted. They're all villains. But, you know, you kind of think it that maybe you can believe a little bit, and maybe I will make it to the final three. You want to be the tough guy that brings the best with you."

But Boneham admitted he's not a tough guy.

"It's an act," he said.

Rodriguez pointed out that it seemed as if Boneham was about to form an alliance with his nemesis, Russell, and then didn't. Does he look back and think he made a mistake?

Boneham said, "I had tried -- even the week earlier -- when I started messing with Danielle and getting everybody fighting and got in that little piece inside Russell where he didn't really believe what was going on, I thought maybe could I could do that again. I wanted Russell to maybe vote with me, but I was also trying to get Sandra to vote with me. And I realized when I stood back and looked, especially after that darn challenge where I just lost the immunity."

Boneham said immunity idols were essential in the game's survival.

"When I first played, there was to hidden immunity idols. And I didn't realize how important they were. Watching at home on TV, you see, wow, those hidden immunity idols have kept Russell in the game."

He continued, "I was trying so hard to find one for me. So much so that I put a rock in my pocket and told everybody, you know, I've got an immunity idol."

Boneham predicts that only "villains" will make it to the final three.
Only Sandra Diaz-Twine, Colby Donaldson, Russell Hantz, Jerri Manthey, and Parvati Shallow remain in the competition. Four are "villains." Donaldson is the only "hero" left.

"I don't know that Colby will have much hope. When I got voted out and you see him with his head in his hands, you know, knowing that there's very little hope. Those villains are very tight."

But Boneham is happy to be home once more with his wife and daughter.

"When I got voted out last night and we realized on my feet, my toes, it wasn't just one toe broken, it was two. And I got to go home and be with my wife and my daughter and have them help me and not have to be taking care of myself anymore."

Rodriguez remarked, "Much different than the 'Survivor.'"

He replied, "Oh yes!"

The "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" finale will air this Sunday night at 8:00, 7:00 Central on CBS.

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