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Ruling Could Bolster Jones Suit

One of the two Supreme Court rulings on sexual harassment in the workplace could strengthen Paula Jones effforts to sue President Clinton.

Jones has accused Mr. Clinton of propositioning her when he was Arkansas governor and she was a state employee.

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A federal judge in Arkansas, relying on a standard imposed by the appeals court with jurisdiction over Arkansas, threw out the lawsuit in April and said employees can collect damages only if their refusal to submit to sexual demands results in on-the-job retaliation.

In the Jones case, the judge ruled that she had not shown any adverse on-the-job consequences. Jones is appealing the decision.

Jones' lawyers said earlier this month they were awaiting Friday's decision before filing an appeal in the appeals court. However, the impact of the ruling for Jones' case could be limited because the trial judge who dismissed her lawsuit said that Jones did not show that Mr. Clinton ever made a clear threat of retaliation.

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