Rudy Giuliani's Pro-Choice Gamble

This column was written by The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Smart strategy or political suicide? Rudy Giuliani is making it abundantly clear that he favors a woman's right to have an abortion.

He's always been pro-choice and he has determined that will not change. The former New York mayor had some folks wondering where he stood when he waffled on the question during last week's first Republican debate.

But this week, Giuliani is making it clear that unlike every other Republican presidential candidate, he is pro-choice all the way.

It's either bold or bone-headed.

The modern Republican party is filled with religious conservatives, especially evangelical Christians whose pro-life litmus test each candidate must pass if they want their vote.

I doubt evangelicals will give Rudy a pass on this. My guess is Giuliani has determined there are enough moderates in states like California with its new early primary that Iowa may be irrelevant — a big gamble.

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By Harry Smith