Rudolph Linked To Atlanta Bombing

Federal agents have made their first tentative link between the man suspected of blowing up a Birmingham, Ala., abortion clinic and at least one of three unsolved Atlanta bombings that have frustrated investigators for more than a year, CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart reports.

Stewart said peculiar one-and-a-half-inch-cut flooring nails that were used as shrapnel in the January 1997 attack on an Atlanta abortion clinic have been matched to nails found in a storage shed belonging to the Birmingham suspect, 31-year-old Eric R. Rudolph of Marble, N.C.

The discovery has prompted the FBI to consider Rudolph for its Ten Most Wanted List, a move that could come within days. Federal agents are pressing forward with their search for Rudolph, who has eluded them for three and a half weeks. He is believed to be hiding in North Carolina's Cherokee National Forest.

Finding the nails was a major break for investigators because until now all they had was circumstantial evidence linking Rudolph with the Atlanta bombings.

And while it's still not enough to charge him with any of those crimes, federal lawmen say it is the best lead they've developed yet on a series of crimes that are at the top of their unsolved list.

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