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Ross Fined $10,000 By League

Detroit Lions coach Bobby Ross was fined $10,000 on Monday for criticizing the officiating in his team's 31-21 loss to Kansas City on Sept. 26.

Ross is the second coach to be fined for violating the league's ban on public criticism of officials. Tony Dungy of Tampa Bay was fined $10,000 for his remarks after the Bucs' 17-13 loss to the Giants in the opening week.

Ross said he was surprised by the fine and plans to appeal.

"I'm not the type who just gives away $10,000 on a whim. That was my salary for a year for about the first five years I was coaching," he said. "It's the first time I've ever been fined by the league."

Following the loss to Kansas City, Ross complained about one pass interference call against wide receiver Brian Stablein and another against cornerback J.B. Brown.

Of the call against Stablein, Ross said: "I don't know where that one came from. That's out of left field over there in the baseball stadium. I mean it's just bad. It's a bad call."

He later added: "It was a terrible call, just an absolute terrible call because you can't see anything. You don't see anything on the play."

About the call on Brown, he said: "I question that one, too."

The penalty against Stablein stalled a drive, pushing the Lions from the Kansas City 34 back to the 50.

The penalty against Brown contributed 14 yards to a 57-yard drive that set up the Chiefs' 51-yard field goal with 1 second left in the first half.

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