Rodman To Retire After Season

Dennis Rodman, the bad boy of basketball, said he's seriously thinking about retiring after this season and devoting himself to acting.

"This isn't an option, this is a career now," Rodman said in an interview on the set of "Special Ops Force," a feature film in which he plays a commando leader. "At 37, it's time for me to move on and get something else. I can't play basketball forever so maybe after this year, I'm done with basketball. This will be my next career."

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He was more categoric when asked if he was serious about quitting after the next season.

"Got to, man, got to. Basketball is not my only thing. I got other things that I can do, other things that will provide me with entertainment and fun and excitement and thrills," he said.

Rodman said he didn't think becoming a movie action hero was a big stretch.

"I've been an action hero for 12 years," he said, referring to his dozen years in the NBA. "I think when you start doing movies, this is a good easy step to get into because you don't have to be a serious actor to be an action hero."

Rodman made his feature film debut in "Eddie," which starred Whoopi Goldberg, and then did some TV work. His first starring role was opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme in the action movie "Double Team."

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